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Main Office:

Joao Oliveira Roma 132
Sao Paulo/SP Brazil
CEP: 05534-020
+55 (11) 8443-8482

 e-mail: lawyers@marsiglialaw.com

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Business Affairs
Contracts & Deeds
Brazilian Taxation
Intelectual Property

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     Legal Counsel and Services for Businesses and Individuals

Marsiglia Law Firm is part of an exclusive group of prominent law firms in Brazil with significant domestic and international presence. Adept at handling complex, cutting-edge legal and business matters, we take pride in our ability to offer practical solutions to meet each client’s objectives.

The solid reputation that the firm currently enjoys is the result of its continued commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of its clients, a strategy that has guided its business activities since the founding of the firm in 1994.

This commitment is evidenced by the variety of its activities, as well as the dedication, involvement and impressive backgrounds of its members. Furthermore, the firm’s dedication to the realization of our professionals’ full potential, in an environment that encourages continued development, enables Marsiglia Law Firm to provide quality services and expertise to its clients.

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     Quality Matters
The firm is not concerned with size or number of lawyers. We prefer to
stand out by virtue of our
high standards of quality.

brazil law firm Integrity.
Ethics at Marsiglia Law Firm is the basic principle, because it is the cornerstone for all other fundamental values.

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