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lawyers brazil

Our clients range from start-up and emerging growth businesses, to nationally and internationally prominent institutions, including leading American and European companies, financial & banking institutions, internet and e-business players, as well as many private individuals.


Our client base comprises businesses of varied segments, such as car manufacturers, banks, financial institutions, pharmaceutical laboratories, marketing agencies, engineering firms, information technology companies, petroleum & derivates distributors, chemical industries, metal-mechanical industries and entertainment companies.


We provide legal counsel and services for private individuals in all areas of Law.


The law firm does not divulge, disclose or reveal its clients' names by any means, in compliance with the rules prescribed by the Ethic and Discipline Code of the Brazilian Bar Association, article 33, insert IV:

"Art. 33. The lawyer must abstain from:
               IV - divulging or allowing to be divulged any lists of clients and/or lawsuits"

     Quality Matters
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Our skilled lawyers
are selected from the most traditional and prestigious law schools
in Brazil, such as PUC,
Mackenzie and USP.
Providing quality, timely and cost-effective legal services are permanent directives at Marsiglia Law Firm.
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law firm brazil
Head Office:

Joao Oliveira Roma 132
Sao Paulo/SP Brazil
CEP: 05534-020
T/F:  +55-11-8443-8482

 e-mail: lawyers@marsiglialaw.com

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