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We also provide our clients with full paralegal support  for matters such as the obtainment of import & export licenses and permits, registration of foreign investors with the Brazilian Central Bank, patents, utility models, trademarks and more. Our paralegal team is able to perform any required administrative and bureaucratic procedures before the Brazilian customs, registrars of commerce, revenue offices, public notaries and other government bodies or agencies. Some examples of the available services are:

Obtainment of environmental licenses: In Brazil these licenses are often required for most industry, health and food businesses, as well as for any professional activities that may pose a potential threat to the environment. The obtainment of environmental licenses involves procedures moderately complex in structure and highly technical in nature.

Full support for the import of industrial equipments and machinery: Many of our foreign clients need to bring in their own set of industrial equipments and machinery, either when incorporating a new business or afterwards. Full support is provided covering taxation issues, obtainment of the appropriate permits (when applicable) and all necessary procedures for customs clearances.

Registration of foreign investors before the Brazilian Central Bank: In order to legally perform any kind of financial or business investments in Brazil, a foreign company, group or individual must register its capital with the Brazilian Central Bank. The invested capital, profits and dividends can be repatriated later without the incidence of the Federal Income Tax.

Registration of import & export companies with the SECEX: Any company in Brazil must be registered and licensed in order to perform import and/or export operations. For the obtainment of these licenses, some legal requirements must be met.

Patents, Utility Models and Trademarks registration: The protection of industrial property rights in Brazil is prescribed by the Law nº 9279/96. This law introduces some innovative concepts, such as the granting of patents for prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food products as well as the acknowledgement of proprietary rights inherent to well-known trademarks. All registrations are performed before the INPI, the Brazilian Industrial Property Institute in charge of issuing and enforcing the rules on industrial property rights and of carrying out formal reviews of the applications for trademarks registration and patent grants.


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